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High Temperature Wire

High-temperature wire is often defined as a wire with a temperature rating of 125°C or higher, although high-temperature can also refer to temperature ratings as low as 90°C. High-temperature cables can either be single-conductor or multiconductor. Two key components to ensure high-temperature wires are suitable for the application are the wire’s temperature rating and ampacity.

Braided Silicone Rubber

Product Details:-

150°C and 200°C single conductor silicone rubber insulated wire with lacquer sealed braided fiberglass jacket.
Typical applications include for motor leads, lighting fixtures, electronics, ranges, and other high temperature applications.

  • Temperature Rating
  • 150-200° C

Braid-less Silicone Rubber

Product Details:-

150°C and 200°C single conductor silicone rubber insulated wire.
Superior low temperature, moisture, ozone, and chemical protection properties highlight this product. Typical uses are as appliance, fixture, and motor lead wire.

  • Temperature Rating
  • 150-200° C

PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene)

Product Details:-

PTFE insulated wire is designed to operate in extreme conditions including high frequency and high temperature.
Common applications include power supply lead wire, appliance wiring and medical applications. PTFE is highly reliable and provides resistance to ultra-violet radiation, stress, and chemicals.
It is non-toxic and environmentally safe.

  • Temperature Rating
  • 200-250° C

TGGT/TCGT (Teflon Glass Glass Teflon)

Product Details:-

Flexible stranded nickel-coated copper conductor.
Constructed of PTFE tapes covered by wrapped fiberglass yarns.
This has high temperature fiberglass braid jacket applied over the insulation, which is then treated with a high temperature saturant.
Applications include internal wiring of commercial, industrial and household ovens, cooking and drying equipment, as well as severe hot spot locations in industrial processing.

  • Temperature Rating
  • 250° C

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